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Very Cherry | Vintage Clothing

An iconic look, feminine and unique. This is the feeling you get from the collections of Very Cherry. Vintage inspired, perfect to combine and mix-and-match with your own style. The clothing line is known for designing signature pieces that go with your other wardrobe items. Very Cherry dresses, skirts and tops; all feminine as well as very comfortable to wear at any time. Women of any age are attracted to the elegance of this brand, which breathes that breeze French nostalgia through her beautiful shapes. Beautiful and easy-to-wear. Combine the Very Cherry items endlessly and feel as feminine as possible!

Very Cherry clothing

This elegant brand offers you the casual basics we all need. The designs speak to a wide range of women and Very Cherry enjoys the combinations made with these stunning pieces. Finish your basic-outfit with that one perfectly shaped pencil skirt. Or are you looking for a professional business look? Try one of our boat neck tops. This great piece has a wider neckline, which accentuates your hourglass figure. Still not sure how to combine it? The ladies in the store are more than happy to help you. Would you rather just wear a one-piece so you don’t have to worry about combining anything? No problem!

Designer vintage inspired clothing

How about a comfortable jumpsuit for example? The stylish jumpsuits by Very Cherry are suitable for numerous occasions. You can wear them with playful sneakers for a casual look that you can wear anywhere at anytime. A chic event coming up? Put your hair up and wear your most beautiful shoes, and voilà: you’ll steal the show in your tasteful outfit. The women behind this powerful brand are fans of this suit aswell and therefor added multiple colours to this classic model.

And what about the Very Cherry dresses? Have you seen them yet? As said before: feminine and very unique! Some people would describe them as retro dresses, vintage dresses or designer dresses, but however you want to call them: Very Cherry dresses are of a different league. The high quality is strictly guarded and therefore they are guaranteed to last a very long time. Many colours, materials and designs, but the common denominator is their ability to highlight your fantastic female figure. The amount of variation also gives you the option to wear them at numerous types of occasions. A party? Fancy Christmas dinner? A wedding to attend? Nothing more fun than putting on a great outfit and stealing the show in a comfortable and elegant way while feeling great all evening long. Going your own way, bold but never blatant: this label is your go to partner!

Looking for a day-to-day dress? Combine it with your own style and express your unique self; that is the true idea behind Very Cherry. Inspired by you and the icons from way back. Pick your favourite Very Cherry dress here.

Very Cherry Rotterdam

The collections are proudly designed in the great city of Rotterdam. Quality is the number one priority in this process. The women behind the label are using sustainability and FairTrade as main pillars in building the brand. Ever since the brand started, the clothing has been produced in a clothing factory in Poland. Very Cherry keeps close contact with the women working there and make sure that, together, they always choose the best quality and provide the best possible working environment for everyone involved.

Very Cherry has been a vintage style-specialist ever since 2004. They have evolved into a leading brand and don’t be surprised if you see celebrities wear the creations in magazines and TV-shows. The main idea of Very Cherry is, and always has been, to create wearable classics, all (new-) vintage inspired.

How did this graceful brand arise? Very Cherry is founded in 2004 by Caroline Poiesz. She started early visiting second hand markets, looking for hidden gems and began the collect the most specials items for herself. Her next step was no surprise: wholeheartedly she started a boutique with female clothing. She decided to, exactly how she liked it, collect vintage and new-vintage clothing. She had already been designing the most graceful designs for herself and her friends. And inspired by her grandmother, she developed her skills to make clothing and understand all the details involved in this. Evolved to a full-blown specialist in designing and picking the best fabrics, she is now rightfully proud of the brand she created. Together with a team of highly capable seamstresses and professional saleswomen and creatives, her passion just keeps expending and expending. The clothing of this label is, besides her own Very Cherry boutique, sold in many stores over the world. But wherever you’ll go: the biggest collection of her brand is found in her own store in Rotterdam.

Very Cherry online

Besides the physical stores, you can buy the unique clothing items online. The stores offer more brands, like King Louie and B.A.I.T. Footwear next to its own label.

Are you curious about this feminine, graceful brand? Feel free to come by in the store and be surprised by the extensive collection and the positive vibes found here!