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Our Designstudio in Rotterdam

Photo’s by Rosa Quist

Very Cherry – Une Belle Histoire 15 years ago Caroline Poiesz started living her dream, opening a boutique in her hometown; the beautiful city of Rotterdam. Even as a little girl she has always had a love for fashion and at the age of 14 she started collecting vintage pieces.. This love for vintage fashion and her background as seamstress inevitably led to her designing the first Very Cherry signature pieces. Exclusively sold at the Very Cherry boutique.. But then other shop-owners started to ask questions.. Those perfect pencilskirts? That fabulous jumpsuit? Where did she get those? And that’s how Very Cherry the label started..   And still to this day when the collection counts over 130 styles, all pieces are designed by Caroline herself. And produced in our lovely factory in Poland. It is thanks to the expertise of the lovely ladies working the production line, Carolines creative vision and ever charming designs, and the hard work of the small team of Very Cherry ladies here in Rotterdam that now you may find our label in shops all over the world!
The best part is getting to design all these collections for my own label. It’s such a great feeling to see how happy our customers are with the designs. And that’s te biggest inspiration one can have; happy women who are all my muze!