Fairtrade from day 1

Our Philosophy

The Very Cherry Collection is 100% Fairtrade. When we first started production we consciously made the decision to produce close to home, in a European factory. Our search to find the perfect production partner led us to Poland, where since then all our garments have been made.
This way we know that everyone that plays a part in creating our favourite Very Cherry pieces gets paid an honest wage. And that the conditions are good, and the workers safe. We care just as much about the people making our pieces, as we do about the people wearing them.



We care about the quality of our clothing, so that you may enjoy your new favourite piece for as long as possible. We urge our customers to make responsible choices when buying fashion, and hope you build a nice wardrobe built on our perfect basics and carefully designed timeless pieces.

We encourage women to find key items that will stand the test of time, are made with love and care and under good circumstances, and not affected by trends but chosen because they suit you so well.

We reassure you, you can buy and wear our collection knowing that all people involved were treated well, and that your piece will stand the test of time. Let’s all take care of each other and this beautiful earth we live on and buy only those items that make us feel like the superwomen we are.

Very Cherry in a nutshell:

High Quality Fabrics
Made in Europe
Proudly designed in Rotterdam
Since 2008

Signature pieces

Feminine and comfortable

“The advantage of having my own shop, and being the designer of the collection at the same time is always being aware of what it is women love to wear the most.


To me designing is not just creating something that looks good, it is just as important to me that the women wearing my clothes feel comfortable and empowered.


That is why I always pick my fabrics and materials with the greatest care. I want my customers to not just wear Very Cherry items, I want them to love them!” Caroline Poiesz

Owner and Designer Very Cherry