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King Louie | Clothing

If we get to choose one brand that makes us really happy, besides our own label Very Cherry of course, it must be King Louie. A vintage inspired brand from Amsterdam, known for its lively prints. This label is super colourful and offers beautiful fitting pieces. In the 90’s, Exota (the store) settled in the Nine Streets, a nice street in Amsterdam, known for the many fashion boutiques, where they still are today. The designers of King Louie create a great collection every season. The innovative designs are all inspired on the vintage-style we all recognize. This playful brand keeps on matching the newest colour combinations and prints. The notorious King Louie dress might be the best-known piece of this label, but definitely not the only one worth checking out!

Very Cherry and King Louie have known each other for years. Both brands have a great passion for stylish, feminine clothing with a vintage feeling. When Caroline Poiesz got the request to design a collection for King Louie, there was no doubt in her mind. The King Louie by Very Cherry collection was born. In the meantime, Caroline has already designed a second collection for this collaboration.





King Louie clothing

The surprising, unique prints and designs by King Louie have been a great success for years. In our Very Cherry store, you can find a large selection of dresses, tops, skirts and cardigans, as well as winter coats and bathing suits.


King Louie dresses 

Going out for the night? King Louie dress. First date? King Louie dress. Dinner? Guess what: King Louie dress! Because of the broad range of different prints, colours and timeless fits, you will find multiple options for any occasion. Take the Cecil Dress in Hula print for example, you can wear it when- and wherever you want. Just come by at Very Cherry and together we’ll find the nicest shoes and accessories to style your outfit. Would you rather wear a longer dress? Take a look at the Lot Maxi Dress in Slim Shady print! We are definitely fan. Feel free to step in and take a look at all the dresses. We’d be more than happy to help you find the perfect outfit.

King Louie skirt 

Would you rather wear a skirt instead of a dress? Of course, King Louie considered this too. The collection includes great skirts every season. Endlessly gracefully, you can combine it with your basics and look simply amazing. The clothes are of high quality and is therefore comfortable and very durable. Need inspiration for completing your skirt outfit?

King Louie cardigans and tops 

They thought of that too. We offer you many options for King Louie tops and cardigans for any season and any occasion!

King Louie swimwear

Style depends on the personality, taste and preference of the woman. This even radiates through… yes! Swimwear. Because, why not? On a holiday or at that one pool party you also want to look the best you can and look comfortable. That is guaranteed with the King Louie swimwear collection.

King Louie coat

Brrr… Winters are COLD. So cold that you just want to wear the warmest clothes to keep yourself warm and comfortable. We leave our houses packed with two scarfs, sweaters and the thickest coat you could find. But what if it’s cold AND you want to look stylish and feminine? King Louie coats are what you need! These beautiful coats will hug your curves and compliment the outfit you are wearing underneath. The label wouldn’t be King Louie if they didn’t think further than these cold winters. They offer numerous coats and jackets suitable for all seasons.

vintage amsterdam

vintage dress

baseball jacket


King Louie online 

King Louie aims to contribute to a better world and feels responsible for all people that produce the clothes. The label works exclusively with factories that guarantee correct labour conditions.

Therefor, King Louie has been a part of the Fair Wear Foundation since 2015. This is an independent organisation that works to better the labour conditions in the clothing industry. Fair Wear strictly checks whether children are employed in the factories and whether the workload is not excessive. Of course, they also supervise if the workplace is healthy and safe.

Would you rather not leave the house but got curious about the King Louie collections? Take a look in the Very Cherry webshop. You might just discover another brand you like too!


Do you want to take a look at the collection? Feel the fabrics and see how they flow? Try some things on? Come by at Very Cherry in Rotterdam and get inspired!